Hey Queens n’ Kings,

This was a long awaited Unboxing for me! I ordered the Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lip Kit when it relaunched around black Friday. During that time they offered $50 off as well. When it first launched I was super bummed I missed it! When she posted on IG she was brining it back I had to have it!

I have always looked up to Pat McGrath. I have been following her back since in the E Style Network Runway shows.

(Right to Left: Flesh 1, Flesh 2, Venom 1, Venom 2, Blood 1, Blood 2)

Quick Notes:
1. Venom 1 and 2 are Warm Tone Reds
2. Blood 1 and 2 are Blue Based Reds
3. They are Matte Lipsticks. Not retro mattes. Lips won’t dry out
4. They Apply Smoothly and Evenly
5. No Smell to the lipsticks
6. Gloss smells delicious (shea and vanilla I think)
7. Packaging gives you the Lab feel thats apart of her companies name (Pat McGrath Labs).
8. 3 Glitters are amazing!

I remember staying up late and watching the style network for the runway shows. I always loved seeing the fashion and makeup. She curated the looks for D&G and a whole host of other brands. Any who, I hope you guys enjoy my lipstick look book displaying the Lust 004 everything kit. My favorites were Flesh 2, Venom 2, and Blood 2.