“Style Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive”~C.Michelle

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

Detroit is my home. Despite what the media chooses to display Detroit is a creative hub, filled with beautiful architecture, n’ eclectic souls…

When many people meet me they always assume I am from NY or LA. I love to see there reaction when I tell them I am from Detroit! Not only are they shocked but they are inquisitive. They want to know about my upbringing, what I do for a living, where I attended school, etc like it’s amazing or shocking that someone from Detroit is “normal”. My goal is to show a positive light on Detroit. Just like every city, there are good n’ bad areas n’ you know where n’ where not to go. Detroit is an incredible city filled with love, positivity, development, growth…I can keep going. I just ask, when you meet someone from Detroit don’t be surprised that someone is smart, educated, financial secure, never been shot, lives in a middle class area, n’ not involved with drugs. To me when people stereotype that exudes ignorance! It’s ok to not know n’ inquire but it’s not ok to put every single person in a category n’ label them.

I hope I am serving Detroit well!

Wearing: Vintage Jacket $2.00 (thrifted), Vintage Chain (stole from @Jmillz lol), American Rag Skirt $10.00, Steve Madden Real Love Pumps $47=Roughly $59.00
Makeup: Chanel Perfection Lumière Foundation n’ Dior Lipstick #752



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