Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

Jo Malone Fall Wish List

I am in love with Jo Malone Products. I was first introduced to them while working at Nordstrom.  I like them so much because they only have 150 notes, meaning they are light and not overly processed. So for those with sensitivity to fragrance, Jo may be your option.  Also, the fragrances smell so clean, light, feminine, and sexy! Oh and the body scrubs are AMAZING! I wish I could afford the vitamin E scrub but one day I will LOL! The Geranium & Walnut Scrub is amazing and can be used daily! Some of my favorite fall Jo Malone fragrances are:

Woody: Wood Sage & Sea Salt (Here)
Fruity:   Pomegranate Noir (Here)
Floral:   Mimosa & Cardamom (Here)

The best way to get staying power out of your fragrances is to layer them: Oil, Creme, then Fragrance! Yes! expensive! I know but the smell is so divine!  I wish all the fragrances had a body oil but they do not! To make matters worse they just discontinued my summer favorite Grapefruit oil!!!

Which scent is your favorite?