Day In The Life of A Makeup Artist: Live Show Business is Cray

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Day In The Life of A Makeup Artist: I need a DRANK!

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Diary of a Makeup Artist: Ep.101 ~It Was Gross!

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The recent events in my life have made me want to document more of my journey (and fam moments which will most likely stay private)! I always want to be able to look back and reflect on my progress, family, ect. I am really excited to start these video diaries because I have yet to see this done! I have yet to find inspiration watching someone working in there purpose. Meaning they are out in the field doing makeup n’ sharing there story…Welp! This is mine and I am happy to share if you are willing to listen! I am an artist n’ I hope to inspire and motivate you toward your dreams! Today is the first of many vlogs!


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Over The Weekend: Clients

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Cmichellestyles Makeup Artist

The past three weeks have been a whirl wind. Not only have I been in California for two weeks working on some A-mazing projects but as soon as I landed back home I had obligations…Literally. It’s funny because I asked God for this life and he sure has given me my hearts desires…
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Feline Special Effects Makeup

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How To Do Cat Special Effects Makeup

This is a real impromptu post! I have been taking it easy this past week n’ creating things on my end hence the lack in posting. N e who, my interest in SPX makeup has peaked…shall I say… curiosity killed the cat…Yes…OK! I decided to play around in some face paint n’ came up with this docile kitty LOL… For my first attempt doing SPX makeup I think I did pretty darn good! I may do a SPX pic once a week!