The Makeup Show L.A

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

The Makeup Show Chicago
(Above From 2014)

I am beyond excited to attend and cover the Makeup show LA this year! I have gone previous years in Chicago and this will be my first time in LA. I have been saving up my money to buy many things on my list. Some of the booths I will be stopping by are…
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Makeup Show Chicago 2013 Haul

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,


Below is the list of the things I purchased with links on where to find them! I had a budget of $160 dollars n’ I spent that down to the BONE! There was one thing I wish I purchased the Makeup Forever Cream Foundation Palette. I has the same build as the flash palette but just solely foundations. But don’t you worry I WILL be buying it as soon as it becomes available in stores! Enough with my rant! If you want to see the makeup I have on in this video click—>here *Besos*

Nigels Beauty Emporium:
1. Ben Nye Banana Powder $10
2. Cosmetic Spatula $4
3. Lashes: 747L, 747s, 523, Wispies $20 for 15

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics:
1. Lipstars in Hoochie n’ Trollop $10 each

Magnolia Cosmetics:
1. Pigment in Jawbreaker n’ Pom Pom $10 each

Alcone Professional Makeup:
1. Alcone Sponges $10 (I think)
2. Alcone Make Offs $5 for 10

Crown Brush:
1. Artist Palette $5
2. oh n’ 10 gazillion brushes $55 for like 30 brushes


The Makeup Show Chicago 2013

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

Brace yourself because there are a million pictures that follow! As you can see I was excited n’ I could not wait to get up to go to The Makeup Show Chicago!  This is my second time attending  n’ I must say this was by far the best yet! I absolutely adored the location this year from the high ceilings, beautiful natural light coming in from the large windows, n’ exposed brick gave the room a true eclectic feel. The building had so much character to it n’ totally captured the feel of the event. Once you walk in, get checked in, n’ get your booklet you had to wait for the freight to come down…

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C.Michelles Makeup Show Chicago 2012 Experience

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

This was my very first time attending The Makeup Show ever! I must say I had a fantastic time n’ I am TOTALLY looking forward to next year! Make sure you watch the video for some tips on what to do when attending the show…

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