{insert pic of me wearing my belly band at the gym}

Sooooooooooo, do you work out? because I was fake toward working out! One day I do the next day I don’t. One thing I tried to stay consistent with was eating good! Good in the scense of whatever I felt was good. It could have been a cheeseburger, salad, etc…if it was good it was good! LOL! In all seriousness I tried to eat organic and healthy as much as possible! Especially during the first week of payday! Afterwards it got expensive! Why does eating healthy cost more than eating some bullshit? I just dont get it?

{Insert pic of healthy foods}

Needless to say, since I moved out to CA I have adapted to the CA way of life! I mean eating organic, staying away from my best friend BREAD, and working out! Yes I said it working out and doing it consistently! I did work out back at home but that became a mess two hunny me and my trainer..oh! yea! That’s another story *sips tea* but I would do kick boxing classes and I loved it! I found a good groupon deal and I would go a lot! I think I lost too much weight cuz the booty wasn’t looking…soo….volumptous. We can NOT loose the booty! We CAN NOT! (that’s all I got) LOL. N e who!

I do bad when it comes to going to the gym and working out on my own so that is why I take classes. I only take classes! My sister introduced me to spinning class and I love it! It works on everything from the abdomin and lower. I have seen results in my legs and a higher sitting boootay! I also do body sculpting classes which is like Pilates.

Beware: You’re cootie will be SORE the next day! Might even feel it the same day! The seats of the bike but harder so your area will be getting a work out too! LOL. So after attending a different kind of spin class, this one does not sit at all! Sounds scary at first but it is really not bad at all.

{insert pic of me wrapping my belly}

So my sis told me about the sweat band! It is NOT a waist syncher thingy but this helps you to sweat more, support your back, and to release water weight! Think of it like a sauna for your tummy! Oh and I like it because it stops the sweat from dripping all down your back and what not. I got mine from tjmaxx for $4.99 it has been an amazing investment! It fits nice and snug to your body and it looks seamless under your workout clothes. The ends are velcro so it stays on good!

I refuse to work out without it! Ok so friends! Lets be healthy together and leave the bad carbs alone { except for your cheat day(s)}! I will cheat on the weekend! I reapeat I will…its not even cheating…Rewind! I will eat what the fuck I want on the weekend! I repeat I will eat wtf I want on the weekend!

To Be Continued…


An Elegant Affair…


(Kai Byrd Photography)

Hey Ladies n’ Gents!

I had the pleasure of attending an event over the weekend and I had a ball! I had a great time getting ready and spending time with friends! I love attending elegant affairs like this. I will say since I moved to California I have experienced some amazing things, met some great people, attended some dope events. After almost two years I am getting my Los Angeles experience. But I had to pause to receive my experience! Sometimes you have to take a step back and not be so busy that your life flies by you. Not be so pressed to capture every moment to put on the internet. I use discernment and keep my business my business.  Many times I look up like “wait! I did this?” “that was really cool” but never enjoyed the moment or remembered it for that matter. Over the past few months my phone remained in my purse while out and I just…lived. Lived in the moment, embraced the moment, created memories, traveled…lived. Enjoyed laughing and not capturing it for everyone to see. Any who, that’s a short synopsis on where I have been and what I have been doing. Below a list of what I am wearing that I could find!



My First Date In LA

C.Michelles Dating In LA
(Nars Audacias Lipstick in Rachel (here), Nars Lip Liner in Morocco (here), Covergirl Queen Collection Foundation in Brûlée (here), Leave in conditioner (here))

Hello Ladies n’ Gents,

Disclaimer: In lieu of all thats going on in the world I have taken a back seat in posting. As everything has truly affected me emotionally. After much thought, I decided to post again in hopes to add a little joy and sophit-rachet-ness to your day.


As I was swiping left and right I came across a guy… lets name him…Paul! Paul was super cute but I could tell he might be dimensionally challenged but that’s ok! “We can’t have it all!!” I thought.  I liked what I read on his profile and decided to swipe right and instantly “It’s a match!!!” appeared. “Omgosh! How exciting!!!“, I said jubilantly. Paul is from Michigan and we had mutual friends, which was a major plus in my book. Knowing that made me feel more comfortable about potentially going out with him. The next morning I received a notification from Soul Swipe letting me know I had a new message.  It was from PAUL! The conversation was nice! I could tell he was an intellectual and I am extremely attracted to intellect! Stimulate my mind you have my heart! I digress, after communicating through the app for a day or so he asked for my number! My initial thought was “Real number or google number? Real Number or Google Number? I mean we have mutual friends on FB…So he can’t be half bad…right?”.  After I oscillated my feelings on the matter, I concluded to Real Number!
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Swipe Left? Or Right?

Online Dating Stories
I can NOT believe this! I am young, supple (and I repeat supple), with my shit together and I am single. I am knocking on 30s door with no family of my own (I.e a cat, a dog and a man). How? How is this so? Well, I know partially why but I aint telling y’all ALL my damn business. Besides devoting 99% of my time to my career…lets just say I was in a wonderful relationship for years where either of us could bear children. Needless to say I am still Single A.F with no options. None! I just landed in the beautiful state of CA with my car champagne (my cars name) and pictures of my cat fefe and no significant other. Great!

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28 and Single

28 and Single

I ran from this for a long time. I am not one to put myself out there…well my PERSONAL business that is. I pride myself on how private I am. I enjoy being in control of what I put out for the world to see. I mean hell, seems like no one is keeping there private life private anymore. That term is now obsolete with the many streams of social media inviting you to expose your every move. Even though I may not want to know what you ate for breakfast or how good your sex was last night I am still subject to it on my timeline. It is disheartning at times…but hey that is how folks are releasing themselves these days (I am not sure if that is a good thing or not…I am leaning toward not) and it looks like I am revealing a bit more of myself as well…just in a different way…

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