My First Date In LA

C.Michelles Dating In LA
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Hello Ladies n’ Gents,

Disclaimer: In lieu of all thats going on in the world I have taken a back seat in posting. As everything has truly affected me emotionally. After much thought, I decided to post again in hopes to add a little joy and sophit-rachet-ness to your day.


As I was swiping left and right I came across a guy… lets name him…Paul! Paul was super cute but I could tell he might be dimensionally challenged but that’s ok! “We can’t have it all!!” I thought.  I liked what I read on his profile and decided to swipe right and instantly “It’s a match!!!” appeared. “Omgosh! How exciting!!!“, I said jubilantly. Paul is from Michigan and we had mutual friends, which was a major plus in my book. Knowing that made me feel more comfortable about potentially going out with him. The next morning I received a notification from Soul Swipe letting me know I had a new message.  It was from PAUL! The conversation was nice! I could tell he was an intellectual and I am extremely attracted to intellect! Stimulate my mind you have my heart! I digress, after communicating through the app for a day or so he asked for my number! My initial thought was “Real number or google number? Real Number or Google Number? I mean we have mutual friends on FB…So he can’t be half bad…right?”.  After I oscillated my feelings on the matter, I concluded to Real Number!
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Swipe Left? Or Right?

Online Dating Stories
I can NOT believe this! I am young, supple (and I repeat supple), with my shit together and I am single. I am knocking on 30s door with no family of my own (I.e a cat, a dog and a man). How? How is this so? Well, I know partially why but I aint telling y’all ALL my damn business. Besides devoting 99% of my time to my career…lets just say I was in a wonderful relationship for years where either of us could bear children. Needless to say I am still Single A.F with no options. None! I just landed in the beautiful state of CA with my car champagne (my cars name) and pictures of my cat fefe and no significant other. Great!

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Introducing: Dating In L.A—The FaceTime From Hell

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

I wanted to introduce a new segment on my website that I am starting called “Dating in LA”. So far my experience has been terrible! I just want to share my journey with you all! I know there are many people out there hoping love finds them (me being one) so why not go threw the motions together right?! Dating sucks and this guy made me realize why I can’t stand it!