Q of D: Do You Have To Match?

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

It’s always the weirdest thing buying underwear, especially if you work in retail. The first thing you are asked, even if they are high waist briefs is “who are you wearing that for?”

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QofD? What Do You Consider “Natural”?

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,My bff n’ I were chatting about our difference in opinion on what we perceive natural hair to be. I believe that someone who is natural…

Would YOU Pull The Plug?

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

My Stister n’ I was having a discussion about some recent events that past n’ our thoughts on what we think we would have done in there situation…One of those situations was pulling the plug on a loved one who is basically already mentally n’ physically gone…

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TV Talk: Love & Hip Hop Season Finale

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

It seems like season 2 for Love & Hip Hop just began n’ it is already at it’s end. This has been my fav season, I like new editions ofย  Kimbella n’ Teairra Mari! So tell me what do you think about the finale? What do you project for Season 3?…

P.S am I the only person who wished it ended differently? LOL

TV Talk: Love & Hip Hop

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,I am a reality tv junkie I must admit! One of the shows that I love dearly is Love & Hip Hop! This is the best season thus far (even though there have only been two seasons) n’ I have my faves, my O_o, n’ my please get this pointless beach off the show please ppl.ย  My fav is Chrissy because she is loyal! She is the definition of a ride or die! She has her moments where I am dissapointed in how she goes about things but she is the type of person I would be cool with…So tell me who is your fave n’ why?Speak On IT!!!


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