Drugstore Makeup Haul + Mini Review/Demo (CoverGirl Queen Collection, NYX, LO’Real, Rimmel, n’ More!)

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Drugstore Makeup n' Beauty Haul Jan 2015

For a while now I have really wanted experiment with drugstore makeup. On a recent visit to CVS I came upon a 50% off sale n’ decided to take me time, look thorough the items, n’ pick up a few things to review. By my surprise I am REALLY loving many of the products that I picked up! I found a few items that I will continue {to buy as long as they make them} like:
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Benjabelle Sunflower Brush Tree Review

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benjabelle sunflower brush tree

When I first heard about the concept of a “brush tree” I knew I had to have one! What better way can your brushes dry without tampering or loosening the foundation of the brush? GENIUS! I went to all the makeup shows looking for the product n’ no one knew what I was speaking of. I mean, this is a revolutionary product,… “why wasn’t it at the Makeup Shows?” (Dramatic a bit? I sure am!)…
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Nars Liberte Blush Review

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Nars Liberte Blush Review

Do you ever shop online n’ add things to your cart…knowing you aren’t going to buy at that moment but it makes you feel good? Yes?!! Ok cool! You guys are apart of the cool club (we aspire to be like those who can just buy it but we aren’t there yet LOL!!!). Whenever, I go to Narscosmetics.com I would always add Liberte blush, Cruella matte lip pencil, n’ MORE! Nars Liberte blush has been on my list of things to try for years now! I must say I was super excited to put it on when I got it!  I love a blush that melts into the skin and makes me look like I am glowing and thats what Nars Liberte Blush does for me…For starters I love coral blushes as a plus it has gold reflexes in it….Let’s get into a few specs…
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Fashion Fair Cosmetics Spring 2014 Collection “Eyes Wide Shut” Makeup Review

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Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Fashion Fair Cosmetics launched an amazing spring collection entitled “Eyes Wide Shut”. I am honored to review the products for you! However, my silly camera decided to catch only a few parts of my lipstick application but no worries, all colors are represented. Watch the video after the “jump” for my  review n’ click on more for my detailed notes, pictures, where to buy, n’ more!…
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Platinum Wigs Review

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Watch the video to get the full scope of the wig n’ to see what I did to get it the way I like it! I hope you enjoy the video! Share with your friends n’ sub! Feel free to leave questions in the comments!


  • Unit Name: Wifey Futura Fiber Heat Resistant Synthetic Lace Front Wig
  • SYNTHETIC Lace Front Wig
  • Futura Fiber Heat Resistant Synthetic Wig
  • Wig Combs Included At No Additional Charge
  • Baby hair across front
  • Adjustable Straps at the Nape
  • Density: Medium (110%)
  • Cap Size: Medium (22.5)
  • Lace Color: Medium Brown
  • Lace Type: Swiss

For the month of May Enter Code: FREETRIO to receive a free wig stand, wig brush, and wig cap (that I showed in the beginning of the video) Get yours here:  http://platinumwigs.com/153.html

What do you think? Did you like the wig on me? Vote Below…


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