Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

I love helping to spread love to local businesses so people can put money into there communities. I promise to do more “Cool Places To Shop” segments starting today *fist pump*! I am happy to introduce to you MVP Limo! They are based in the Metro Detroit Area and here is a bit of info on them:


MVP Limo was founded after realizing there weren’t many viable trustworthy option for transportation in the metro Detroit area. All too often you hear about companies that don’t have actual insurance, show up with dirty vehicles or not at all, charging surprise fees for things like gas and gratuity along the way. With MVP Limo, you can expect entertainment based transportation, and that simply means each and every vehicle is tailored with your experience in mind. We offer hourly based packages based on your needs. It’s so easy to have fun when you have amenities at your fingertips!

In our vehicles, you’ll enjoy features such as tinted windows for privacy, hardwood flooring for dancing, comfortable leather tailored seating, neon multicolored lighting, cup holders, counter tops, audio systems with auxiliary ports and sub woofers, televisions with DVD players, and more. With all of these things at your fingertips, it’s easy to see why your experience will benefit with a call to MVP Limo. There is no ride share service that is able to deliver the experience you will have on board one of our vehicles, and it often works out to be the same price when you split the cost among passengers. If you need more information, be sure to head over to mvplimo.com

Voila! If you guys are in need of a reliable limo service please check them out!