(Kai Byrd Photography)

Hey Ladies n’ Gents!

I had the pleasure of attending an event over the weekend and I had a ball! I had a great time getting ready and spending time with friends! I love attending elegant affairs like this. I will say since I moved to California I have experienced some amazing things, met some great people, attended some dope events. After almost two years I am getting my Los Angeles experience. But I had to pause to receive my experience! Sometimes you have to take a step back and not be so busy that your life flies by you. Not be so pressed to capture every moment to put on the internet. I use discernment and keep my business my business.  Many times I look up like “wait! I did this?” “that was really cool” but never enjoyed the moment or remembered it for that matter. Over the past few months my phone remained in my purse while out and I just…lived. Lived in the moment, embraced the moment, created memories, traveled…lived. Enjoyed laughing and not capturing it for everyone to see. Any who, that’s a short synopsis on where I have been and what I have been doing. Below a list of what I am wearing that I could find!