Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

Mac Nude Lipstick Lookbook

Lets be honest finding your perfect nude is not easy! I personally mix 2 or more things to find my perfect color (watch the video below). I LOVE nude lips!

Here are the looks! All the products are M.A.C

Look 1:
Lipliner: Morning Coffee Lipliner (Here)
Lip Pencil: Oh Honey (Here)
Lipgloss: Myth (Here)

Look 2:
Lipstick: Spirit & Self Aware (Here)
Lip Pencil: Cork (Here)

Look 3:
Lipstick: Taupe (Here)
Lip Pencil: Bittersweet (Here)

Look 4:
Lipstick: Self aware (Here)
Lip Pencil: Cork (Here)

Look 5:
Lipstick: Velvet Teddy (Here)
Lipstick: Blankety  (Here)
Lip Pencil: Morning Coffee  (Here)

Look 6:
Lipstick: Cherish  (Here)
Lip Pencil: Cork & Bittersweet   (Here)

Look 7:
Lipstick: Siss  (Here)
Lip Pencil: Morning Coffee  (Here)
Lipgloss: Myth  (Here)

Thank you for watching the video! Please let me know which look was your favorite!