September Favorites 2016

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

I just wanted to share some of the things I have been loving.


  1. Nars Gienah Contour Powder: Here
  2. Smashbox Primer Water: Here
  3. Black Radiance Baked Bronzer in Carmel: Here
  4. Journal: TJmaxx $1.00
  5. Nars Concealer Stick in Cafe: Here
  6. Inglot Eyeliner #77: Here   (MAC 210 Brush: Here )
  7. TJmaxx Stationary $3.99
  8. Kate Spade Wristlet: Here
  9. Nars Morocco Lip Liner: Here
  10. Lashed Lip Gloss Kitten Pink: Here

What Are Some Of Your Beauty Favorites?


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LOTD: Fall Inspired Makeup Look 2016

Fall 2016 Inspired Makeup Look

Hey Ladies n’ Gents,

When I think of fall I think of Michigan! I think of the falling leaves that are a beautiful array of colors. I think of cider mills (of course I think of food), with DELICIOUS cinnamon donuts and cider. I think of cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, warm blankets and soup. Fall is my favorite season. I love how fall makes me feel…it makes me so happy!
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Hi Ladies n’ Gents,


Over the weekend I had the privledge to attend an exclusive end of summer party in LA with friends. Earlier in the summer, I found a skirt from ANGL (Here) that blew me away! Since I got it I could not wait to wear it and The End Of Summer Party was the perfect opportunity. I am the type of person that will buy a ballgown or something extra in hopes to wear it somewhere! I see it as speaking it into existence…and it always works!

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Look Of The Day…From Day to Dramatic

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

I was feeling quite inspired today. I created a look that you can take from day to dramatic…meaning whenever the hell you feel like being extra this is the look for you! LOL


Black Glitter Lips

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Fall Jo Malone Body, Fragrance & Skincare Wish List:

Hi Ladies n’ Gents,

Jo Malone Fall Wish List

I am in love with Jo Malone Products. I was first introduced to them while working at Nordstrom.  I like them so much because they only have 150 notes, meaning they are light and not overly processed. So for those with sensitivity to fragrance, Jo may be your option.  Also, the fragrances smell so clean, light, feminine, and sexy! Oh and the body scrubs are AMAZING! I wish I could afford the vitamin E scrub but one day I will LOL! The Geranium & Walnut Scrub is amazing and can be used daily! Some of my favorite fall Jo Malone fragrances are:

Woody: Wood Sage & Sea Salt (Here)
Fruity:   Pomegranate Noir (Here)
Floral:   Mimosa & Cardamom (Here)

The best way to get staying power out of your fragrances is to layer them: Oil, Creme, then Fragrance! Yes! expensive! I know but the smell is so divine!  I wish all the fragrances had a body oil but they do not! To make matters worse they just discontinued my summer favorite Grapefruit oil!!!

Which scent is your favorite?

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